DownHole Tool Sales


BHA & Impact Tools

We can provide BHA tools that include (but are not limited to): jars, shock tools, stabilization/reaming tools (roller reamers, diamond enhanced reamers) and tubulars (drill collars and HeviWate).

  • Roller Reamers:
    • Smith Model 60 Open Bearing
    • Smith Borrox AP Sealed Bearing
    • Schlumberger On Gage Premium Sealed Bearing

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Wellbore Departure

Wellbore Departure

Wildcat Oil Tools XpressDrill Wellbore Departure System

We can provide the following available options from Wildcat Oil Tools XpressDrill Wellbore Departure System:

  • Cased Hole System
  • Open Hole System
  • Cementable Whipstock System

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Hole Enlargement

We can provide premium under-reaming with the Rhino Reamer (cutter block undereamer) and more traditional armed undereamers (XTU, DTU, & RTU).

  • Rhino Reamer Premium Hole Enlargement System
  • Smith Hole Enlargement Systems

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Mud Motors

Dynomax supplies leading performance drilling products engineered for the oil and gas industry. We provide high value products and services for vertical, directional and horizontal drilling operations worldwide. Our product lines include Mud Motors, Shock Tools, Drilling Jars and Slide Reamers, which bear our industry-leading technologies backed by experience in the field – tools that are built for extended uses. Our QA/QC Program ensures that every tool meets or exceeds expectations in the field.

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Wellbore Clean-up

Wellbore Clean-Up

Odfjell Well Services Wellbore Clean-Up Tools

We can provide all available options from Odfjell Well Services Wellbore Clean-Up Tools. This includes but is not limited to:

  • The RazRdillo™ Casing Scraper
  • The ScourRdillo™ Casing Brush
  •  MunchRdillo™ Scraper Milling Tool

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Drill Bits

Drill Bits

Diamant Drilling Services Drill Bits

We can provide all available options from Diamant Drilling Services Drill Bits. This includes but is not limited to:

  • MicroCORE® Bits
  • PDC Bits
  • Impregnated Bits
  • Dual Cutting Structure Bits

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Ardyne Casing Recovery & Fishing Tools

Oilfields Supply Center Limited is the manufacturer of various oilfield equipment at its prestigious OSC-SIML facility in Dubai Industrial Park. Through a distribution agreement with Ardyne, OSC can sell a selection of their products direct to clients in predefined markets.

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