Dynomax supplies leading performance drilling products engineered for the oil and gas industry. We provide high value products and services for vertical, directional and horizontal drilling operations worldwide. Our product lines include Mud Motors, Shock Tools and Slide Reamers, which bear our industry-leading technologies backed by experience in the field – tools that are built for extended uses. Our QA/QC Program ensures that every tool meets or exceeds expectations in the field.


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Slide Reamers:

The Dynomax Slide Reamer combines the drilling, conditioning and reaming phases of an operation into one stage. Slide Reamers reduce wiper trips and rig time and can reduce rotary torque by 15-20%.

Mud Motors – Oil Sealed:

The Dynomax mud motor is an Oil Sealed bearing assembly that incorporates Kalsi seals. The unique Kalsi Seal design provides hydrodynamic seal lubrication even under high differential pressure. This reduces seal friction, and provides long life.  The oil sealed bearing assembly incorporates flow restrictor technology that reduces the pressure within the bearing assembly to a near balanced condition, reducing pressure across the rotary seals, thereby extending seal life. The flow restrictor is located above the bearing assembly and allows approximately 5% of the drilling fluid to exit the assembly into the annulus, reducing internal pressure.

Mud Motors – Mud Lubricated:

The New Dynomax mud lubricated bearing assembly offers an additional option for directional drillers. Utilizing the same driveshaft and adjustable assemblies as our oil sealed bearing assemblies; this Bearing Pack features a rugged design that is also quick and easy to service.  High Torque, High Flow, High Axial Capacity, this pack is designed to handle anything the industry can throw at it. Whether drilling a Vertical, Curve, Lateral or doing it all in one run this motor is ready for the challenge.

Shock Subs:

Our shock tools lengthen the life of your drill string and reduce vibration and load, protects the instruments in the assembly and increases the efficiency of your drill string.


The Dynomax Flow Regulator is designed to actively moderate a pre-set flow rate through the Mud Motor (or anything that is below it) by venting excess flow into the annulus.  This additional flow provides optimum hole cleaning and maximizes Mud Motor performance without damaging the Mud Motor.  Applications for the Flow Regulator include both Conventional Drilling and Coiled Tubing Applications.  The Flow Regulator is activated by Flow and not through a ball drop type system so there is no limitations on how many times you can activate the Regulator