Oilfields Supply Center Limited is the owner and operator of the largest common user supply base in the Middle East and is a specialist oil & gas logistics company. In addition to operating our supply base the Company also undertakes offshore and onshore logistics contracts for operators, rig contractors and oilfield service companies. The Company has an extensive fleet of rolling stock (mobile cranes, forklifts, prime movers and trailers and smaller trucks) that it utilises for its own activities and those of its clients.

In addition to services Oilfields Supply Center Limited over the years has developed differing manufacturing capabilities from its Jebel Ali base and now design, engineers and produces heat exchangers, pressure vessels, skid mounted packages, oilfield equipment (completions, wellbore intervention, jar, shock tools etc.) and fluid sealing products.

Below you will find more details on both our services and products:




Using expertise developed since its formation and in conjunction with its fleet of transportation equipment, Oilfields Supply Center Limited provides an extensive range of services including clearing and forwarding, warehousing and distribution, workshop services and material handling, and provision of personnel services.

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Rig Refurbishment

Oilfields Supply Center Limited provides the complete package for the import of land rigs through Dubai seaports and overland borders. Rigs and accessories e.g. drill collars, portacabins etc. are stacked in 136,000 square meters secured roadbase open storage yard where necessary repairs, refabrication, water/sandblast and paint works are carried out. Drilling tools are serviced and repaired by Oilfields Supply Center Limited associated companies.

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Common User Supply Base

Oilfields Supply Center Limited has its own dedicated organisation to look after all aspects of preventive maintenance, remedial maintenance, warranty issues and maintenance contracts to ensure that its facilities remain operational 365 days a year.

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Oilfield Workshops

Within Oilfields Supply Center Limited’s Jebel Ali facilities there are four fully equipped oilfield workshops each with its own core competencies. There is some overlap of these competencies because each company operates independently. These workshops are profiled here so that an awareness of the services that can be provided from Jebel Ali is increased.

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Open Storage

With almost 4 million square feet of open storage area within its Jebel Ali and TechnoPark facilities the Company is able to accommodate short and long term storage of oilfield equipment including onshore rigs. These storage facilities are secured using Oilfields Supply Center Limited’s own security team.

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Heat Exchangers

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers have seen a recent increase in usage. This is directly linked to gas processing industry expansions.

Here at OSC-ES, we have been pleased to assist a number of clients in the manufacture of gas process; gas compression; water cooling and oil cooling units.

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Pressure Vessels

We at OSC–ES are proud of our record in pressure vessel fabrication. Our accreditation by ASME, along with our NBIC registration facilitates us to offer pressure vessels manufactured to some of the most stringent international standards.

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Skid Mounted Packages

Engineering Services fabricate Skid packages that comprise of the supply of Pressure vessels, Tanks, piping, structural and E&I works.

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Blasting & Painting

Oilfields Supply Center – Engineering Services is pleased to introduce its purpose-built Blasting and Painting facility.
In line with our commitment to the environment, we are pleased to offer blasting services, using only the highest quality steel grit within our blast media recycling facility.

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OSC DownHole Tools

Oilfields Supply Center Limited is the manufacturer of various oilfield equipment at its prestigious OSC-SIML facility in Dubai Industrial Park. Products include but not limited to drilling jars, accelerators, shock subs, side-tracking tools, reamers and under-reamers and packers.

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Completion Equipment

In addition to equipment for drilling-related activities OSC-SIML also manufactures completion assemblies including but not limited to liner hangers, liner packers, by-pass cement manifolds and anchors.

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DownHole Tool Sales


BHA & Impact Tools

We can provide BHA tools that include (but are not limited to): jars, shock tools, stabilization/reaming tools (roller reamers, diamond enhanced reamers) and tubulars (drill collars and HeviWate).

  • Roller Reamers:
    • Smith Model 60 Open Bearing
    • Smith Borrox AP Sealed Bearing
    • Schlumberger On Gage Premium Sealed Bearing

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Wellbore Departure

We can provide all available options from the TrackMaster Plus Whipstock System:

  • Cased Hole System:
    • Permanent or Retrievable Hydraulic Anchor Systems
    • Mechanical Bottom Set Anchor System
    • Patented multi-ramp slide to give highest exit area per slide inch
    • Hinged design to allow conveyance through higher dog leg well profiles

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Hole Enlargement

We can provide premium under-reaming with the Rhino Reamer (cutter block undereamer) and more traditional armed undereamers (XTU, DTU, & RTU).

  • Rhino Reamer Premium Hole Enlargement System
  • Smith Hole Enlargement Systems

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Mud Motors

Our sister business unit: Christensen Gulf Services, has a fleet of mud motors that can be rented and serviced. These tools are also available on a sale basis through OSC’s Down Hole Tool division.

Motors are offered in 4¾” to 9 5/8” body size range; with a range of lobe, stage and stabilisation configurations possible. Additionally, we can also offer mud or oil lubricated bearings.

Please visit Christensen Gulf Services website for further information.

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Fishing Tools

We can supply all standard fishing tools from the legacy Smith/Red Baron catalogue. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Hydraulic Pipe Cutters
  • Section Mills
  • Internal Catch Devices (e.g. spears)
  • External Catch Devices (e.g. overshots)

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