Oilfields Supply Center Limited is the manufacturer of various oilfield equipment at its prestigious OSC-SIML facility in Dubai Industrial Park. Through a distribution agreement with Ardyne, OSC can sell a selection of their products direct to clients in predefined markets.

TRIDENT – a rotary driven, single-trip cut and pull system that incorporates several innovative trip saving features including an integral tension set packer and a hydraulically activated spear in conjunction with the ability to either run & set a bridge plug or dress a cement plug prior to commencing the cutting and recovery of the target casing.

Link for more info – https://www.ardyne.co/casing-recovery/trident

 The DownHole Power Tool (DHPT), with its superior pulling capacity, can recover more casing per operation compared to conventional pulling with the rig.

The DHPT’s pulling forces are applied locally in the well and there is no loss of force due to drill string friction. This maximizes the ability to pull stuck or packed off casing, and makes high force operations possible even in rigs with limited pulling capacity.

Link for more info – https://www.ardyne.co/casing-recovery/down-hole-power-tool


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