Bottom Hole Assembly Tools

We can provide BHA tools that include (but are not limited to): jars, shock tools, stabilization/reaming tools (roller reamers, diamond enhanced reamers) and tubulars (drill collars and HeviWate):

  • Roller Reamers:
    • Smith Model 60 Open Bearing
    • Smith Borrox AP Sealed Bearing
    • Schlumberger On Gage Premium Sealed Bearing
  • Diamond Enhanced Drilling Tools (e.g. Dog Subs, Porcupine Reamers)
  • BHA Tubulars (Drill Collars & HeviWate Drill Pipe)

Impact Tools

  • HydraJar Impact System: Double Acting Hydraulic Jar and Accelerator
  • HydraQuaker Double Acting Hydraulic Jar
  • Schlumberger Shock Tool


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