Air Cooled Heat Exchangers have seen a recent increase in usage. This is directly linked to gas processing industry expansions.

Here at Oilfields Supply Center Limited Engineering Services, we have been pleased to assist a number of clients in the manufacture of gas process; gas compression; water cooling and oil cooling units.

Our extensive knowledge in design and manufacturing techniques results in high quality cooler units being available in the GCC at competitive rates.

In-house, we are able to carry out thermal design or configuration checking; mechanical design; fabrication of coolers including various header box configurations (including ASME ‘U’ stamp units); run-up tests and even logistical support in getting the units to site where required. We have, to date manufactured units in vertical, horizontal and box-type configurations as per project requirements. and have fabricated various forms of superstructure allied with the units.

In addition, the subject of shipping times to site have not yet been an issue due to our locality and design parameters including assessing shipping size restrictions.

With such flexibility, we can assist any client with their specific needs as we manufacture to individual project. Your requirements are the key – we welcome your enquiries and are sure you will be impressed with our response.