We can provide premium under-reaming with the Rhino Reamer (cutter block undereamer) and more traditional armed undereamers (XTU, DTU, & RTU).

Rhino Reamer Premium Hole Enlargement System

The Rhino Reamer was the first undereamer with block deployed cutters, as opposed to the traditional long armed undereamers. It changed undereaming capabilties in terms of durability and system optimization. We can provide all available options from the Rhino Reamer System.

  • Rhino Reamer Activation/Deactivation Options:
    • XS: Single Ball drop activation to allow shoe drill out (can be removed if locked blocks not required)
    • XS2: Double Ball Drop Deactivation System
    • XC: Multiple activation and deactivation cycles

Smith Hole Enlargement Systems

Prior to the Rhino Reamer, Smith had a tiered offering of traditional undereamers. The following list is in order of more to less premium. The more premium product generally has a smaller opening diameter, greater durability, and more readily integrated into a drilling system.

  • XTU ReamMaster Undereamer
  • DTU Drilling Type Undereamer
  • RTU Rock Type Undereamer


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