TrackMaster Plus Whipstock Systems

We can provide all available options from the TrackMaster Plus Whipstock System:

  • Cased Hole System:
    • Permanent or Retrievable Hydraulic Anchor Systems
    • Mechanical Bottom Set Anchor System
    • Patented multi-ramp slide to give highest exit area per slide inch
    • Hinged design to allow conveyance through higher dog leg well profiles
  • Open Hole Systems supplement the Cased Hole Systems with:
    • Open Hole System with optimised ramp for rock sidetracks
    • Open Hole Cemented System: allows zonal isolation below whip
    • Hard Formation Bi-Mills optimised for rock sidetracking
    • Hydraulic Expandable Anchor optimized for placement in rock but also suitable for casing
    • Soft Formation Expandable anchor for rocks down to 3 K psi UCCS hardness


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