Through its Subsidiaries & Divisions, Oilfields Supply Center offers the Oil, Gas, and Energy industry in the region a comprehensive portfolio of services that ensures efficient, reliable and cost-effective operations. Such services provided across all of OSC major hubs around the world, and includes services such as Repair Services, Training Services, Inspection Services and much more. In establishing these businesses, OSC has enjoyed a long history of JVs with key industry partners such as Smith International, Schlumberger, and Baker Hughes to name a few

BHA & Impact Tools

Bottom Hole Assembly Tools
We can provide BHA tools that include (but are not limited to): jars, shock tools, stabilization/reaming tools (roller reamers, diamond enhanced reamers) and tubulars (drill collars and HeviWate):

  • Roller Reamers:
    • Smith Model 60 Open Bearing
    • Smith Borrox AP Sealed Bearing
    • Schlumberger On Gage Premium Sealed Bearing
  • Diamond Enhanced Drilling Tools (e.g. Dog Subs, Porcupine Reamers)
  • BHA Tubulars (Drill Collars & HeviWate Drill Pipe)

Impact Tools

  • HydraJar Impact System: Double Acting Hydraulic Jar and Accelerator
  • HydraQuaker Double Acting Hydraulic Jar
  • Schlumberger Shock Tool

Hole Enlargement Systems

Prior to the Rhino Reamer, Smith had a tiered offering of traditional undereamers. The following list is in order of more to less premium. The more premium product generally has a smaller opening diameter, greater durability, and more readily integrated into a drilling system.

  • XTU ReamMaster Undereamer
  • DTU Drilling Type Undereamer
  • RTU Rock Type Undereamer

Drill Bits

Diamant Drilling Services, an API Certified and European based drilling bits supplier to the Oil and Gas drilling industry, designs and manufactures entire sweep of fixed cutter bit options listed below:

  • Steel and Matrix Body PDC Bits
  • MicroCORE® Bits
  • StormEYE® Bits
  • Impregnated Bits
  • Dual Cutting Structure Bits
  • Core Heads
  • Bi-Center Bits
  • KamiCASE™ Casing Drilling Bits
  • SlickWELL™ Reamers and Hole Openers

Wellbore Clean-UP

Odfjell Well Services Wellbore Clean-Up Tools We can provide all available options from Odfjell Well Services Wellbore Clean-Up Tools. This includes but is not limited to:

  • The RazRdillo™ Casing Scraper
  • The ScourRdillo™ Casing Brush
  • MunchRdillo™ Scraper Milling Tool
  • MAGStar4™ HD Casing Magnet
  • PiRanha™ Junk XTractR™
  • XTractR™ BOP Junk Catcher
  • XTractR™ WellBore Filter Tool
  • VeRidrift™ Casing Drift
  • Short Trip Jetting Sub

Dynomax Products

Dynomax supplies leading performance drilling products engineered for the oil and gas industry. We provide high value products and services for vertical, directional and horizontal drilling operations worldwide.

Our product lines include:

  • Mud Motors
  • Shock Tools
  • Slide Reamers
which bear our industry-leading technologies backed by experience in the field – tools that are built for extended uses. Our QA/QC Program ensures that every tool meets or exceeds expectations in the field.

Wellbore Departure Systems

Wildcat Oil Tools XpressDrill Wellbore Departure System

We can provide the following available options from Wildcat Oil Tools XpressDrill Wellbore Departure System:

  • Cased Hole System
  • Open Hole System
  • Cementable Whipstock System

Weatherford QuickCut™ Whipstocks systems

We can provide the following available options from Weatherford QuickCut™ Whipstocks systems:

  • Shallow-Angle QuickCut ™ Casing Exit System RHS*-Type Anchor
  • QuickCut™ Casing-Exit System RMN- and RHN-Type Anchors

Ardyne Casing Recovery & Fishing Tools

Oilfields Supply Center Ltd. is the manufacturer of various oilfield equipment at its prestigious OSC-SIML facility in Dubai Industrial Park. Through a distribution agreement with Ardyne, OSC can sell a selection of their products direct to clients in predefined markets. TRIDENT – a rotary-driven, single-trip cut and pull system that incorporates several innovative trip-saving features including an integral tension set packer and a hydraulically activated spear in conjunction with the ability to either run & set a bridge plug or dress a cementRead more

The Machine Shop Service Centre in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are there to provide our customers with a quality service they can rely upon.

General Machining Services:

  • Rotary Shoulder Connections Repairs
  • Cold Rolling
  • Bore Black & Pin Stress Relief Features
  • Tubular Repair
  • Tool Joint Build Up
  • Rotary Kelly Repairs
  • Drill Collar Spiralling
  • Rotary Substitute Repairs
  • Drill Collar OD Tuning
  • Reamer Pocket Repair
  • Mill Redress & Manufacture
  • CNC Milling Services
  • Deep Hole Boring
  • Straightening Services

Premium Threads Drill Pipe

  • Grant Prideco – XT, HT, TT, GDS, HT-PAC, SST
  • NKK / DSTJ
  • VAM VX
  • TSC – TSDS

Premium Threads Casing/Tubing

  • Tenaris – Blue, SAGD, ER, MS XT/XC, MS28
  • Tenaris – MS28 XT/XC, MS, MS SR, RTS6, RTS8
  • Tenaris – RTS6, RTS8
  • VAM – TOP, HC, HT
  • Express, EIS, CDS
  • Weatherford – FJWP
Other Connections for tubing and casing are available upon request
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Non-Destructive Testing

Our NDT Inspection Division has been the number one NDT service provider in the Middle East and Africa region for over 40 years, providing quality non-destructive testing for all your drilling rig needs.

With the highest standards in both personnel training and equipment, we can assure our customers that each and every inspection is conducted to not only meet but exceed the stringent specifications and industry requirements for this service.

Available Services

  • NDT BHA Tools
  • NDT Drill String
  • NDT of OCTG Products
  • NDT Surface Hoisting & Handling Equipment
  • Structural NDT inspection, Masts & Substructures

Specification Compliance

  • DS1 4th Edition
  • API RP 7G-2
  • In-house Specifications
  • North Sea Standard 2

NDT ProceduresThreads Casing/Tubing

  • Dry MPI
  • Wet MPI (Visible & Fluorescent)
  • RSC Inspection
  • Drill Pipe Tubular Goods Inspection
  • Hardness Testing
  • Visual Inspection
  • Ultrasonic Flaw Detection & Thickness Gauging
  • Magnetic Flux Leakage
  • UV Light Inspection
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection (Visible & Fluorescent)
  • Internal Bore Scope Inspection

Recertification Inspection

We provide lifting equipment recertification and test inspection to all types of industry across the Middle East and Africa regions. Our inspectors are certified across many disciplines with the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA).

Our standards in providing this service are second to none. Our engineers and qualified mechanical engineers undergo stringent training and qualification from LEEA, who are the industry leaders. The company is a full member of LEEA, along with ISO 9001:2015 certification and accreditation from ISO/IEC 17020:1998.

Available Services

  • Sling, Shackles, Chain and Wire Rope Inspections
  • Crane Inspection, Mobile, Platform, Gantry and Crawler
  • Fork Lifts
  • Pad Eye Testing
  • Container and Storage Bin Load Testing
  • General SWL Test and Certification
  • Man Riding Baskets and Elevators
  • Mud and Cement Silos

Accreditation Certification

  • Full Member LEEA
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO/IEC 17020:1998
  • All engineers are mechanical engineering degree holders
  • All engineers are certified with LEEA in varying disciplines
  • British Standards 
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Solids Control & DWM Equipment

MI Gulf Services, is dedicated to providing superior Solids Control and Drilling Waste Management equipment and services to the oil and gas, wastewater, and civil engineering industries.

MI Gulf Services provides a comprehensive range of solids control and drilling waste management equipment, through its range of equipment.

whether onshore or offshore MI Gulf Services equipment and services effectively manages drill cuttings and fluids, ensuring they are contained, treated, and safely disposed of with minimal environmental impact.

MI Gulf Services is a fully integrated Drilling & Completion Fluids service provider which delivers a full range of Drilling Fluids, Reservoir Drilling Fluids and Completion Fluids, Solids Control and Drilling Waste Management Equipment. The MI Gulf Services additionally offers Drilling Fluids systems utilizing the latest technologies addressing current exploration and development challenges. Our solutions both Water Based and Oil/Synthetic Based are proven through extensive experience in numerous applications in Land, Offshore and Deepwater, High and Ultra-High Temperatures, Depleted Reservoirs and High Overbalance operations. All our Drilling Fluids products and systems are designed considering Environment Protection as key criteria.

Water Based

The range of Water Based Systems and solutions covers all exploration and development operations from Surface to TD, engineered to address any challenge in each section of a well, from Spud Mud to High Performance Water Based Muds (HPWBM), to Highly Inhibitive Water Based Muds (HIWBM)


Oil/Synthetic Based Systems are offered under the OS TAFLA range of customized solutions, similarly to address any challenge in exploration and development operations from conventional Oil Based Muds to High and Ultra-High Temperature Environments to manage ECD deploying Flat Rheology Synthetic Oil Base Muds in narrow density window operations and Extended Reach Drilling, in both Onshore and Offshore/Deepwater operations.

Reservoir Drilling Fluids Systems

The Reservoir Drilling Fluids Systems (RDF) are designed and engineered to minimize formation protection as the top design criteria while maintaining drilling and completion performance. A selection of RDF systems both WBM and O/SBM ranging from conventional to special applications, such as Monovalent and Divalent brine, Organophilic particles, Flat Rheology Systems and Coring systems.

Filter-Cake Breaker Systems

Top industry Filter-Cake Clean Up solutions utilizing latest technologies in breaker system types and chemistry to meet all industry requirements and operational environments both for WBM and O/SBM filter cakes based on Chelates, Enzymes, Formic and Lactic chemistry.

Brine Systems

Full range of brines available for completion operations, including the associated corrosion packaged inhibition, surface tension reduction, filtration and hydrates inhibition. 

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Centrifuge Equipment Services (CES) is a fully integrated centrifuge service facility, designed to meet the requirements for servicing, repairing, rebuilding and reconditioning of centrifuges, centrifuge components and solids control equipment utilized in various industries including oil & gas, civil construction / micro-tunnelling, municipal wastewater treatment, slop oil separation and mining.

CES is equipped with “state of the art” machine shop services and balancing equipment for all centrifuge components. CES can service and maintain all centrifuges, currently at this time we do not sell centrifuges, only offer services and repairs.

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